Makey Makey Lesson Plan

Objective: Introduce basic structure of electric circuit and its component. Understand the relationship between software and hardware, and how to integrate them into a simple music installation

Time: 30 minutes

Materials: Makey Makey board and cable. Scratch software.


1:00–1:10 → Divide into groups of two. Make a simple scratch music switch board by connecting some short sound samples to “up” “right” down” and “left” button.

1:10–1:20 → Plug in Makey Makey board and start testing sound and compose simple music.

1:20–1:30 → We will use 15 friends, scratch and makeymakey to make a 15 person friendstrument. (see details below)

Homework: Use makey-makey to complete a simple music instrument. Play a few phrases of music and video record it. Share the video during the next class.


Here are the steps:

1. Make the Music Switch Board

      • Divide class to groups of four.
      • Each group use Scratch to program a simple music switch board.
      • Two of the groups should program a complete octave (8 notes in total) and the rest of the groups could program short instrumental effects or music clips.



2. Connect Makey Makey

      • now connect cable to Makey Makey
      •  connect five alligator clip to the board. one more alligator clip to the ground on the board
      • Invite 5 friends to hold one end of the 5 wire. A 6th person to hold the ground wire and tap on the hand of the other 5 friends 

3. Create a song using your friendstrument

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