New Media: definition and practice

What makes New Media “New”?

Think about a book, it’s physical copy and digital copy being viewed from a computer. Is the digital copy new because it requires the use of a computer to view it?

New Media, Computational Media or Interactive Media changes all stages of communications(acquisition, manipulation, storage, distribution, production) as well as all forms medium(text, still images, moving images, sound, spatial construction).

New Media(Computational Media, Interactive Media) is:

  1. Numeric Representation
    • Rosa Menkman, Glitched Selfie Image result for rosa menkman
  2. Modularity
  3. Automation

4. Variability

5. Transcoding


Popular New Media Art Practices:

  1. Generative Art
    • Can a machine originate anything? Related to machine intelligence – can a machine generate something new, meaningful, surprising and of value: a poem, an artwork, a useful idea, a solution to a long-standing problem?
  2. NetArt
  3. Interactive Art
  4. Audio Visual
    • In the music video for “Howler Monkey,” a jittery electronic track from German duo Meier & Erdmann, a sheet of bright green grass covered by flowers and buildings unrolls against a gray background. As the song progresses, the grass sheet gets more elaborate, and the background turns to night. The video was created by an algorithm, which was created by visual artist Victor Doval.
  5. Game Art
        • Robert Yang

  6. Kinetic Art
      • Rafael Lozano-hemmer




What are new media artists doing now?

  • Teaching
  • Creative Technologist
  • Resident Artist
  • Curator
  • Media Theorists

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